“My dad was not even able to walk by the time he had met Dr. Nkrumah. My mom was beside herself with anxiety, worried that he was too far along to ever recover fully. Dr. Nkrumah assured us it was not too late, and explained his condition, the procedure and recovery process. Dr. Nkrumah was truly compassionate. We’re so impressed with Dad’s strength and agility now.”


JJ’s Daughter, January 2020


“My father needed emergency back surgery. We were very fortunate to have Dr. Nkrumah as my father’s surgeon. He was wonderful, very kind and comforting and very informative. Dr. Nkrumah was able to make small incisions on the back instead of one large incision (this would help with recovery and decrease the chance of an infection). My father is now 2 weeks post surgery and is walking by himself! We are forever grateful for Dr. Nkrumah and his team and would recommend him to everyone!”

Sara Juarez – August 20,2020 – Healthgrades


Professional, thorough,


that is Dr. Nkrumah.

I strongly recommend him.

Rosanne Wilson – Oct 27, 2020



“I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. Dr. Nkrumah did an excellent job. He used the latest least invasive techniques. He was very thorough in his explanation of all the steps of my surgery prep, details of the surgery itself and what my recovery would be like and everything went just as he had said. He was very patient with my questions, honest, humble and empathetic. I would have no problem recommending him to anyone at all, I think he’s top notch.”

T. Mothe – Aug 05, 2020 – Healthgrades


“I had a malformation in my brain. Dr. Nkrumah was friendly to me, he kept it real with me. His team is good. The hospital he works for is good. I loved being worked on by him and attended by his team. This was an overall win for me. Wouldn’t change this doctor for any other.”


Alberto – Jul 24, 2020


“I had a cervical disk replacement…. The whole process was like I was talking with a old friend who is really smart. I feel like I hit the jackpot with him! All the symptoms I had are now gone, he made himself available for any questions at any time. If you are looking for a really great surgeon and person I would recommend him completely. I don’t write reviews … but I am compelled to say how happy I am with all he has done for me.
Thank you Dr. Louis Nkrumah.”


Matthew Cannella – Aug 28, 2020

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